Croatia Best-selling goods

Delicious Croatian souvenirs are Posip wine with a hint of figs and apricots and Paski cheese made from ewe’s milk and olive oil. But this country is rich not only in tastes but also in aesthetics.

  • The Vučedolska golubica (dove) is an exact copy of an ancient jar from 5,000 years ago. Scientists have deciphered the drawings of the constellations on the vessel: from Orion and Cassiopeia to the Pleiad clusters. Isn’t it insightful!?
  • Colored candles from the city of Rovinj – classic or according to your design. Local masters will turn any idea into reality.
  • Samborski Kristal shines in the sun like a jewel. It was produced in a town 20 km from the capital of Croatia. Handmade quality is not inferior to Bohemian glass.

Sweets are well worth a visit.

  • Rabska torta (cake) is the pride of the island of Rab. The recipe is kept secret. They will only tell you that it resembles marzipan.
  • Paprenjak – pepper cookies – the favorite sweet of the Croats. They say that the taste of pepper and honey reflects the spirit of the country: the bitterness of wars and the sweetness of natural beauties.
  • Litarovo srce is a heart-shaped honey cookie frosted with red icing.
  • Bayadera – branded sweets. Something like nougat and bird’s milk. They are very tasty.

National souvenirs to prolong the holiday experiences:

  • Rakija – grape homebrew. An original kind of rakija with walnuts. It is used as an aperitif and as a prophylactic against stomach diseases.
  • Morcher – a talisman against evil forces. It looks colorful: the head of an African American in a turban and jewelry in the form of rings. Previously, only sailors wore them, now everyone and his dog.
  • Tie. Yes, just a tie. Croatians insist that it was invented in Croatia – when they tied it around the neck of army soldiers.
  • Wooden toys from Zagorie: whistles, miniature furniture and whimsical things. These crafts are protected by UNESCO. Wooden toys are made almost the same as 100 years ago: from willow, maple, beech, linden. Painting is eco-friendly.
  • Ceramics: cups, plates, fishes, honey jars. Cute stuff!

Tourists appreciate local cosmetics based on herbs and sea fruits. ‘Milla’ is the most famous cosmetic brand.

  • Aromatika – shower gels with Croatian herbs and essential oils. Herbal teas, honey, elixirs are good.
  • Biobaza – free of dyes and preservatives products that are not tested on animals.
  • Lošinjska linija – cosmetics from herbs and flowers, sea salt, cold-pressed oils. Try olive oil, lavender, immortelle body pomade.

Restrictions on the export from Croatia

  • Antiques, things of historical and artistic value. If you bought an old book, painting or archaeological exhibit, you need permission from the heritage protection department.
  • Materials from diggings of archaeological value.
  • Weapons, drugs.
  • Animal skins.
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