Souvenirs from Turkey: permitted and forbidden to bring

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Turkey is a world that combines conventional Europe and the exotic East. So what is interesting to bring from Turkey, except for the low-cost sheepskin coats and jewelry?

Souvenirs with a national twist

  • The Eye of Fatima. One of the most popular souvenirs of Turkey. Famous amulet made of blue glass, which protects against the evil eye according to the assurances of the locals.
  • Ceramics with Turkish patterns. Ornate designs and color schemes eloquently “cry out” about the country where it was created. It is an original gift for friends and relatives.
  • Turkish lamps. No, these are not Gin lamps. These are bright products of colored glass that will help you create a fabulous atmosphere at home.
  • A jezve, also known as a turka. It is a copper vessel with a long handle for making coffee. And really, where better to buy a turka than in Turkey.
  • Hookahs. Local hookahs is a work of art. They are bright and made from a variety of materials and with different patterns. One drawback, be careful when transporting, as well as with lamps.
  • National clothes. These are entari, inchik, bloomers, gowns. They can be effectively combined with modern clothes, such as jeans.

Taste of Turkey: edible souvenirs

  • Turkish sweets. Rahat-lukum, halva, baklava, pishmaniye, lokma, tulumba, nougat, cream honey, etc. This is the most universal tasty souvenir from the trip.
  • Spices. It is worth paying attention to those ones that you are unlikely to find at home. These are sumac, “isot” pepper, tarkhana, baharat, blue poppy, etc. So much inspiration for culinary experiments.
  • Turkish coffee. Local coffee is distinguished by its powdery grind. Moreover, nutmeg or cardamom is added for a more refined taste.
  • Tea. It is practically Turkey’s national drink. You can buy small bags in bazaars and shops. In the store you can often find packages of 0.5 kilograms.
  • Cheese. In Turkey, you can find the original cheeses. Among them is tulum. It can be hard, soft and crumbly. Also pay attention to eski kashar, which is considered the Turkish Parmesan.
  • Raki.Turkish vodka, which is made from fruits, grapes, dates. The strength is 40-50 degrees. So that everything is fine with it.

Goods that are forbidden to take out of Turkey

And here is a surprise… It turns out that officially it is forbidden to take out coffee, spices, tea, or cocoa from Turkey. But in practice tourists do not have problems with these products. As well as with food products weighing over 5 kg and totaling over 100 lira. 

But there is a list of goods where problems may arise …

  • Antiques. This is a standard prohibition. You need a special permit to export antiques.
  • Pebbles, shells, corals. At customs they can be considered a national treasure. If you buy souvenirs made of these materials, be sure to keep the receipt.
  • Alcohol and tobacco.  You can take no more than 5 liters of alcohol, and no more than 2 bottles of 0.75 of strong alcohol. Tobacco, including hookah tobacco, is not more than 2 kg. You shall pay the duty for bigger quantities.
  • Souvenirs that cost over 5000 lire.

However, before the trip it is better to clarify this information. After all, the seasonal situation may change before the new tourist.

Vacation in Turkey brings a lot of impressions. We wish you to choose a souvenir that will enjoy you and remind you about this vacation. 

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