Special souvenirs from Montenegro

Montenegro Best-selling goods

In Montenegro tourists often buy jerky pršut and rakija, an alcoholic drink made of fruits. But there are more interesting and special shopping options.

Common Montenegrin souvenirs:

  1. Gusla is a South Slavic psaltery-like one-string instrument. Don’t get it confused with Ukrainian gusla, having at least 5 strings! 
  2. Paintings by local artists that are painted on site. Handmade alternative to photography of your vacation spot.
  3. Brojanica is a worry beads of a special netting made of sheep’s wool and a metal symbol. When praying, people hold the souvenir amulet with the left hand and make the sign of the cross with the right one. 
  4. Handmade dolls. Dolls of grandmothers and grandfathers in casual national dress, shepherds, and soldiers are very popular. 

Food worth taking with you:

  1. Wild bees mountain honey. Real honey differs from fake one thanks to cream privation and its viscosity. If you pour it into a container of honey you will see a thin rivulet that forms a slope. It also does not splatter when you hit it with a spoon.
  2. Kaymak is a kind of concentrated cream similar to our sour cream. It is made by skimming the aged cream layer by layer. 
  3. “Vranac” wine and “Lozovo” grape vodka serve well with the pršut, the dry-cured ham. The meat is made by dry curing, but, unlike prosciutto, pršut shall be first cured raw, then it becomes a real pršut. Seize the hour to buy it since only Montenegrins know its recipe.
  4. Farmer’s goat cheese with nuts, blueberries, spices.
  5. Homemade wine drinks. This product contains a large amount of honey and this is its peculiarity. Also, you are welcome to try Pomegranate juice or pomegranate wine.

Cosmetic and medicinal products;

  1. Creams based on healing mud and olive oil.
  2. Natural soap. It is produced in monasteries and made of medicinal herbs and fragrant mountain flowers.
  3. Lavender Sachets. In addition to its natural fragrance, the flower calms and normalizes sleep.

Cosmetics are better to buy at farmers’ markets, it is a guarantee of natural properties.

Clothing and household goods:

  1. A kapa is a headdress with elements of blue, black, and red colors. It depicts ornaments, denoting courage, blood, and sorrow. It is an important element of the national Montenegrin men’s dress.
  2. Chimere is a belt with a thin layer of silver and precious stones. It is an element of women’s folk dress.
  3. Wool products. It can be overcoats, socks, etc. They are often handmade.
  4. Osier products. According to legend, the first wicker chairs were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, and gladiators of Spartacus wore battle shields of vines. The best products are made of glaucous willow, bay willow, and broom.

Products that are not allowed to be taken out of Montenegro? What are the consequences?

  1. Pieces of artistic or historical value (if you have no permit).
  2. Shells, rocks, or other objects you found at the bottom of the sea.
  3. Gold coins and raw gold.
  4. Antique items.

In the best case, you will be deprived of prohibited items at customs. There is a risk of legal proceedings for attempting to export valuable and historical items.

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