The best souvenir from Italy: what is it?

Italy Best-selling goods

What to bring from Italy to make the trip memorable, and what is forbidden to take out. 

Top 5 souvenirs from Italy for relatives and colleagues

The most common souvenirs are magnets and bags with views of the city. But let’s be unique.

1.   Painted ceramics. A perfect gift for plate collectors. Sicily and Sardinia are especially famous for their products.

2.   Murano glass. It is used for both jewelry and decorative elements. Murano glass is native to Venice, but today it can be bought all over Italy.

3.   Volcanic souvenirs. These are original items made of solidified lava. The choice is huge.

4.   Burano lace. Light and airy lace from Burano will be a refined addition to the image of any woman.

5.   Venetian masks. Earlier they were put on to anonymously enjoy the carnival’s permissiveness. Today they can bring playfulness to your life.

Top 5 souvenirs for fashionistas and others 

Italy is an El Dorado for shopping lovers. 

What can you bring?

1.Clothing with the logo of Ferrari. Such souvenirs will be appreciated by fans of Formula 1.

2. An Italian scarf. This accessory became a hallmark of Italian fashionistas. Suitable for both men and women.

3. Clothing and shoes of Italian brands. The best places for shopping are Milan and Naples. Both in choice and prices.

4. Jewelry made of Italian gold. They are distinguished by their elegance, openwork and lack of red hue.

5. Sandals. Made from handmade leather, which can be made right in front of the amazed buyer on the Amalfi Coast or Capri.

Top 5 souvenirs for gourmets

Italy is a country of tastes. And, of course, you want to bring something delicious back home.

1.  Oils, sauces, condiments. These are olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pesto, truffle sauce, oil, and salt. 

2. Cheeses. Popular hard varieties are Parmesan, pecorino, and grana padano. Mozzarella and burrata are among the soft ones. Also gorgonzola is worth trying.  

3.   Sweets. Tuscan cantucci with various additives and panforte made of nuts, dried fruits and candied fruits are very popular.

4.   Wine. It’s better to buy it from winemakers. You can also bring limoncello, amaretto, Sardinian and herbal liqueurs.

5.   Coffee. Italian coffee is considered one of the best. So take the pleasure to buy it.

Top 5 mistakes of tourists, or what is forbidden to take out of Italy

In order the trip will not be spoiled by the contact with the law enforcement agencies, please remember that you can not export of Italy the goods as follows:

1.  Art objects older than 100 years without permission. To avoid questions about the “age” of a younger souvenir, keep all receipts and certificates.

2.  Counterfeit. You can buy a fake bag and pay a fine of several thousand euros or go to jail.

3.  Shells of endangered species. Or a whole bag of ordinary ones.

4. Stones. Customs officials may think they are plucked from the Colosseum or some other historical landmark.

5.   Food products without factory packaging. And it is advisable not to take out more than 5 kg.

And a bonus tip: check the current rules on bringing things into the country before you travel. After all, 10 bottles of wine can stay at the native customs. And your assurances that it’s for all your relatives and acquaintances won’t save the situation.

We wish you a pleasant trip, bright impressions and buy those souvenirs that you want.

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