The Dominican Republic: Souvenirs to surprise

Dominican Republic Best-selling goods

The Dominican Republic is not only a place for a great holiday, but also a country where you can buy souvenirs taking your breath away.

These original souvenirs are hard to walk past

The choice of souvenirs is huge, so you will definitely find a gift for your nearest and dearest here.

1. Jewelry from larimar, or Dominican turquoise. This stone with a white and blue tint is a visiting card of the Dominican Republic.

2. Blue amber. It’s also a Dominican luxury. But the prices for it are “luxurious” as well – ​​from $ 400. However, outside the Republic, you are unlikely to find it.

3. Shark amulet. It is made from fish teeth. According to local residents, it is both a talisman and a source of positive energy.

4. Crafts from black coral. They can be both minifigures and decorations.

5. Coconut souvenirs. It’s amazing how craftsmen create exquisite minifigures, earrings and bracelets from unsightly putamen. No one else will have these for sure.

Souvenirs with a taste of Dominican exotic

The exotic country is rich in exotic products fortunately possible to be taken along with.

1. Mamajuana. The drink is a panacea for all diseases, according to the locals. It is made from herbs, honey, spices, bark and wine. There is also a dry version – a mixture of herbs in a bottle. It is also lighter in weight, and there are no restrictions on import or export.

2. Caribbean rum. It can be bought everywhere. But if possible, visit the Barceló factory in San Pedro de Marcoris. And you will see how it is created, and you will taste it, and have the opportunity to buy the original drink at the manufacturer’s price.

3. Coffee. Dominican coffee is distinguished by a peculiar, slightly sour taste and a bitter aftertaste. If you want even more exotic, pay attention to the famous Caracolillo. Or coffee with various additives, such as macadamia.

4. Cocoa. The Dominican Republic is one of the largest cocoa producers. And there are no false ingredients and palm oil in it. You can buy both powder and balls rolled with cocoa butter. It’s up to you to choose.

5. Fruits. Some countries prohibit the export of fruit. But the Dominican Republic is not one of them. So, lovers of the exotic may celebrate. However, keep in mind that not all delicacies will survive a long flight.

6. Cigars. Almost all cigars are handmade. The choice is enormous, because each manufacturer adds his own stuff to the original “formula”. You can buy cigars in souvenir shops, supermarkets and factories.

 “Souvenirs” to refuse the export of 

No matter how much these things attract your attention, it is better not to put them in your luggage.

1. Many types of shells that you “got” yourself. Corals and turtle shell.

2. Local currency. So Dominican coins and banknotes are not to enlarge your collection.

3. Some types of orchids. It is true! The flower would hardly survive the flight.

4. Natural precious and semi-precious stones.

5. Animal-derived food. Fruit, as you remember, can be exported.

But why be disappointed about restrictions when there are so many interesting things you may bring home. We wish you a great holiday, unforgettable impressions and bright souvenirs.

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