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Portugal Best-selling goods

Not a single tourist can afford to come from Portugal and not bring a bottle of Madeira or port. But Madeira, port wine or olive oil are by no means all things Portugal is rich in! This country has a lot of interesting stuff that would be worth bringing over from your vacation!

Hand-made goods:

  • Textiles. A hand-embroidered tablecloth, honeycomb towels or lace doilies are all great gifts for friends and family.
  • Accessories. Filigree – Portuguese lace made of precious metals. Everything is made in this technique – bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, chains.
  • Cork goods. In Portugal, bags, smartphone cases, wallets, coin boxes and even fans are made from cork. Such an original gift will definitely be appreciated by everyone.
  • Ceramic goods. Painted ceramic dishes of bizarre shapes are the visiting card of the country. In any souvenir shop you can find cute salad bowls in the form of a cabbage leaf or a tureen in the shape of a pumpkin.
  • Football attributes. If there are devotees of this sports game among your friends, a T-shirt, ball or scarf in the national colors of the country is a must-buy.
  • Leather goods. Good leather shoes, a handbag, a belt or wallet is what you should bring home from your vacation.

Delicious Portuguese souvenirs:

  • Canned food. Portugal is famous for its canned sardines in olive oil or spicy tomato sauce. But in addition to sardines, in souvenir shops you can find canned food with tuna, cod and even octopus.
  • Cheese. In Portugal, it is made from the milk of goats, sheep and cows. Finding it is quite simple: in specialized stores, markets or fairs. We recommend giving your taste before buying.
  • Meat products. Prezuntu is a popular Portuguese ham. Sausage lovers will appreciate alheiras – sausage made from veal, chicken, rabbit or duck meat with bread. Gourmets will also appreciate salpisao – pork tenderloin sausage.
  • Exotic fruits. Bananas is a must-try in Portugal. This is a monstera fruit that tastes like a cross between a banana and pineapple. You should also try the cherimoya. This fruit resembles a mixture of banana, papaya and cream.
  • Sweets. Pate is considered the most famous and most delicious Portuguese dessert. This is a puff pastry cake with classic crème anglais (custard).
  • Wine. Instead of the well-known Madeira, we advise you to take local green or rosé wine. They attract not only with an interesting color, but also with a light fruity or citrus flavor.

Natural cosmetic:

  • Soap. Portuguese soaps are equated with creams for their moisturizing properties. The best brands are Claus Porto, Castelbel, Confiança and Ach Brito.
  • Benamor Cosmetics. It is considered one of the best body care products in the country. Especially everyone liked the cream with jacaranda.
  • Ocean salt. The best salt is found in the Atlantic. Any girl will appreciate this gift.

Goods prohibited to export from Portugal:

  • plants or animals protected in the country;
  • weapon;
  • historical values;
  • jewelry and antiques;
  • narcotic substances;
  • materials with sexual content.
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