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Spain Best-selling goods

In Spain, you can buy Gramona Gessami and Petit Chardonnay white wines, as well as Jean Leon, which goes well with meat delicacies like jamon, fouettes, and chorizo. But if you want to bring something special don’t limit yourself to food.

Popular Spanish souvenirs:

  • The Salamander made in Antonio Gaudi’s mosaic technique is a smaller copy of the lizard from the  Guell Park. 
  • The figurine of the Catalonian donkey is a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and diligence. The image of the animal can be found on slippers, T-shirts, and magnets. 
  • The Caganer is a funny statue of a defecating man. The Spanish easily place it next to the image of the Holy Family in the nativity scene, and the church is tolerant of this. The Caganer souvenir is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and your sense of humor. 
  • A Caga Tio is a Christmas log. According to tradition, the stub is “fed” with fruit and potato peels, nutshells, and covered with a blanket and beaten. Then the children find trinkets, wafers, and halva under the blanket.

Delicious from Spain:

  • Spanish Manchego is tender and spicy cheese. Cabrales is a blue cheese with a sour flavor. Majorero is the best goat cheese with an oily structure. It is served baked with fruit wines. 
  • Violet candies with viola essence. Made in the form of a flower.
  • Romesco is Tarragona’s branded sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, nuts, and garlic. It is great with white meat, vegetables, and fish.
  • Valor chocolate has been popular all over the world since 1881. The secret of this chocolate production is kept in close secret. 
  • Turrón is Spanish halva made of almonds, homemade honey, sugar, and egg whites. You can eat it with popcorn, local chocolate, fruits. 
  • Carquignolis are almond cookies to dunk in wine or tea. It is a traditional meal for breakfast and afternoon snacks.  

There is a well-developed cosmetics market in Spain. Babaria products with aloe barbadensis as well as Sesderma are praised as therapeutic cosmetics approved by dermatologists. Repavar cosmetics remove pigment spots. 

Ethnic products and souvenirs from Spain: 

  • Valencia porcelain is a scent of delicate taste. Ask for a good wrap, since it is very fragile.
  • The costume of a flamenco dancer with castanets and waver would be a great gift for a girl, and a costume of a bullfighter and FC Real Madrid attributes would be a great gift for a boy. You can buy it in the mass market.
  • Espadrilles are sandals made of cotton and sailcloth and with outsoles of twisted tows. A shoe from Ancient Egypt, made of palm leaves served as the prototype of the espadrille. 
  • Galician sheep’s wool blanket with luxurious patterns. It is useful both at home and as a souvenir. It won’t take up much place in your luggage. 

Restrictions on export from Spain:

  • You can take from Spain local currency up to the equivalent of €2.500 thousand. The amount over €8.400 must be declared, but at customs, as a rule, they don’t check the documents. If you take out an amount over €8,400, problems might occur. Please take care of permission documents to export €8,400 or more.
  • Things of historical or artistic purpose.
  • Antiques.
  • Weapons, ammunition, drugs.
  • Alcohol up to 10 liters, wine with a strength of up to 30% up to 90 liters. As well the proof that the export is solely for personal use will be required.
  • Medical drugs only with special permission.
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