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Austria Best-selling goods

When you arrive in Austria, the variety of products can make you dizzy. If you don’t prepare a list of souvenirs beforehand, you may end up buying trivial magnets and trinkets. But look at our list and you won’t have any of these problems!

Traditional Austrian souvenirs:

  • Products with Gustav Klimt’s works reproductions. T-shirts, bags, notebooks, and even umbrellas depicting Klimt’s most famous paintings are easy to find in Austria.
  • Pipes. Austrians produce high-quality smoking pipes. It will be a great gift for avid smokers.
  • Jewelry. Austria is the birthplace of Swarovski. In brand stores, there is a vast range of earrings, brooches, and rings. If you are looking for gold jewelry, look in Frey Wille. Here you can buy jewelry created with the proprietary “fire enamel” technology, and its design is inspired by the works of famous artists.
  • Steam locomotive models. Steam locomotives from Roco will please both adults and children. The company has been making realistic models of different years for over 60 years.

Austrian sweets:

  • Imperial Cake. A great alternative to the popular Austrian Zacher. The recipe for this dessert is unknown to anyone but the confectioner. It is based on marzipan, almonds, and chocolate. The cake is sold only in the Imperial Hotel café.
  • Candied fruits of violet petals. This unusual dessert is suitable for gourmets. You can find candied fruits in the confectionery “Demel”.
  • Mozartkugel. Small candies made of marzipan covered with icing. It is usually sold in beautiful boxes.
  • Zotter chocolate. Chocolates of this brand are positioned as bio. But that is not what makes them special. On store shelves, you can find also chocolates filled with bacon and mushrooms.

Alcoholic gifts:

  • Beer. We advise you to bring your friends a bottle of Lager, which has a balanced taste. Do you want a strong beer? Then Bock will suit you. And if you like beer with citrus and fruit notes, look no further than Radler.
  • Schnapps. The most popular drink is made from apples, plums, and pears. But if you are looking for something unusual, try Adilitzbeere schnapps made from ash, Krautinger from beet, or Wacholderbeeren from juniper.
  • Liqueur. Mozart is the most popular liqueur in the country. It comes in three varieties: white, dark, and milk chocolate. Sometimes there is a special kind of this liqueur on the shelves made of Belgian chocolate. If you like herbal liqueurs, choose Gurktaler. It is infused with over 59 herbs.

Austrian cosmetics are usually made with ingredients from the mountain areas. Natural cosmetics can be found on the reformhaus network. Of the brands worth watching Dr Hauschka, Susanne Kaufmann and Styx.

Products that are not allowed to take out of the country:

  • Items made of turtle shell, ivory, orchid, or tropical tree species (unless there is documentation that the purchase is legal);
  • more than 1,000 cigarettes, 200 cigars, or 1 kg of weight tobacco (per person);
  • items that are part of Austria’s cultural, historical, or artistic heritage;
  • more than 250 ml of perfume (per person);
  • weapons and ammunition;
  • narcotic substances.
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