Greece (Cyprus, Crete)

Greece (Cyprus, Crete) Best-selling goods

Olives, the most frequent souvenir of Greece, are pickled, canned, stuffed and air-dried. The color of olives depends on their ripeness: green fruits are early, black-brown are late. Only green ones are sold pitted. Popular varieties are Konservolia, Kalamon, Chalkidiki.

Greece is a paradise for gourmets

  • Graviera (Γραβιέρα) is sweet, fruity cheese. Saganaki (Σαγανάκι) is made from it – a traditional Greek appetizer fried in a pan or grill.
  • Kefalotiri (Κεφαλοϊρi) – for lovers of spicy aftertaste. Young kefalotiri, ripening for 3 months, is added to spaghetti, “one-year-olds” are had with ouzo.
  • Baklava (Μπακλαβάς) and Gozinaki (Kοζινάκι) are different from what we are used to. In real Greek baklava, there are exactly 33 layers of dough with nuts and cinnamon, and pistachios, sesame, and almonds are added to gozinaki soaked in honey sauce.
  • Chocolatakya (Χοκολατάκo) – chic sweets in the confectioner’s branded packaging. Something between a candy and a cake. Prepared in full view of buyers.

The national alcohol of Greece has been known for thousands of years.

  • Ouzo (Ούζο) is an aniseed vodka and a hall-mark of the country. It has a specific taste, it is better to drink diluted or add to cocktails.
  • Raki (Καρκίνων) – grape home-brew. Rakomelo (Ρακόμελο) is prepared from raki and honey and drunk warm in winter.
  • Retsina (Ρετσίνα) is an ancient wine with a hint of pine needles. Retsina was first appreciated by the Romans in the 3rd century BC. Translated from Greek means “resin” or “rubber”.

Things, worth going to Greece for.

  • Fur coats of any size, style, color. You may buy a fur coat tour to Greece for 1 euro. The price includes flights, accommodation, excursions, but you must buy the product for at least 1100 euros. You can go to the city of Kastoria yourself. There are more than 1000 factories and salons there.
  • Decorations. There’s a huge selection in Ilias Lalaounis and Kessaris – Athenian stores and in Santorini. The most attractive gifts are from Thasos artisans.
  • Venus Secrets, Apivita, Oliveway – 100% natural cosmetics. Tourists love olive oil products: soap with a natural aroma of orange, honey, jasmine.

Products are sold in pharmacies or perfumery and cosmetics stores. For example, HONDOS CENTER.

  • Ceramics: painted plates, mugs, vases of amazing quality. Souvenirs with national ornaments from Crete and Halkidiki. The pottery of Santorini island is highly recommended.
  • Greek amphoras. They are needless to talk about!
  • Icons of simple style or handmade, in a frame made of silver.
  • Handmade products – wool blankets, duvets, tablecloths, lace. These things are better to buy in Delphi, Crete.

Restrictions on the export from Greece

  • Drugs and psychotropic, toxic substances
  • Metal detectors
  • Weapons, ammunition, military ammunition
  • Materials containing pornography and extremist appeals
  • Fake money
  • Animals and plants protected by the CITES list and any parts thereof: crocodile skin, ivory items.
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