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Tourism in Bulgaria - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Best-selling goods

After traveling to Bulgaria, we usually bring rose oil with us. But that’s not all this sunny country has to offer. Today, we will tell you what exciting souvenirs you can bring from Bulgaria.

Products with national identity:

  • Masks. In Bulgaria, there is a tradition to wear Surkvar or Kuker masks on Shrovetide or Christmas holidays. You can easily find this element of folk carnival costume in any souvenir shop. You can buy both a small copy and a real mask.
  • Martenitsa. This is an amulet in the form of a small doll in red and white colors. It is worn in Bulgaria on the first day of spring to protect against disease and evil. Then they are tied to blossomed fruit trees.
  • Traditional Bulgarian embroidery. Tablecloths, cotton towels, napkins – all these goods are of interest in every home. And if they are decorated with traditional Bulgarian patterns, it is also a memory of the journey.
  • Doll from corn leaves. Another original gift with local charm. In souvenir shops you can find real masterpieces made from corn leaves.

Sweet gifts:

  • Tahan. This is Bulgarian halva, which is made from sesame paste and honey. Pumpkin or sunflower seeds are added to some types. As a rule, they are sold in pretty tin and glass jars.
  • Rose jam. In Bulgaria, there are both jam with rose petals and rose marmalade. This dessert has an unusual taste and is a good prevention of colds.
  • Gris. This is another type of halva, which is made from semolina. It is not so easy to find it in stores; it is better to go to the market to get grice.
  • ALPI lollipops. Deo lollipops are unusual sweets. After eating them, a person begins to smell like lavender or rose.

Edible souvenirs:

  • Mursala tea. It consists of ironwort stalks. Tea is not only tasty and rich, but also healing. It is advised to take it in case of bronchitis.
  • Lutenitsa. Original Bulgarian appetizer. It is made from tomatoes and peppers. It may be spicy and mild.
  • Alcohol. For girls, we advise you to bring Menta liqueur, mint oil is added to, wine called Ruby Tango or Pelini vermouth. Men will appreciate stronger drinks – nutmeg brandy, “Tsar Simeon” or “Matika Cave”.
  • Salt. Bulgarian “sharena sol” is a spices set. Salt is mixed with fenugreek, paprika and other herbs. It is a good substitute for meat or fish spices.
  • Lukanka. Spicy dry-cured sausage covered with mold. The taste of sausage is different in different regions of Bulgaria.

Girls will appreciate cosmetics with rose oil as a gift. For example, Biofresh and Lavena soaps, shampoos or shower gels or Refan and Bulgarian Rose facial skin care products. You can also purchase “Zdrave”, the healing cream from the Aroma brand, very popular in the country.

But you can’t export from Bulgaria:

  • works of art, including icons and jewelry;
  • weapons;
  • antiques;
  • historical and artistic value goods;
  • narcotics.

To export a painting,  jewelry or icon, you need to show a receipt at customs. All goods must be in their original packaging.

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