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Tourism in Canada - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Canada

Canada Best-selling goods

Maple syrup is what everyone brings from Canada. But the culture of the country is so rich and diverse that you can easily find unusual sweets and souvenirs here. Want to surprise your friends with original gifts? We will help you with this!

Useful and traditional souvenirs:

  • Knitted sweater. In Canada, you can find a warm seamless lambswool sweater. There are models with ethnic ornaments, and you can find a sweater knitted by craftswomen of the Kowichan tribe.
  • Original jewellery. Stone bracelets and necklaces with bear claws are an original gift with a Canadian identity.
  • Dream Catcher. They are made here in different sizes. Shells, feathers of exotic birds and stones are woven into the threads.
  • Hockey merchandise. If there are hockey fans among your friends, it would be a sin to leave without a hockey jersey!
  • Aroma candles. Vancouver Candle Co soy candles are very popular in the country. They have a huge amount of flavors and cute packaging. You may also pay attention to “Michaels” candles.
  • Beaver in a can. No, this is not a strange dish, this is a cute toy. As a rule, inside the jar there is a compressed beaver in the form of a Canadian policeman or hockey player.
  • Puffy jacket. This is an unobvious gift for yourself and friends. In Canada, very warm puffy jackets are made on the basis of goose down. Such a souvenir will perfectly keep you warm in winter!

Unusual food:

  • Indian candy. Salmon Candy! The fish is marinated in sugar and then smoked. Sounds weird, but it’s worth a try at least once.
  • Egg Nog. An alcoholic drink that contains wine, rum, ale, eggs, sugar and spices. Canadians drink it at Christmas, but you can try it any time of the year!
  • Maple candies. In Canada, not only maple syrup is sold, but also sweets made from it. Here you can buy maple drops, caramel and even chocolates.
  • Tim Hortons Donuts. In general, the company is famous for its coffee, but we recommend those who have a sweet tooth buy donuts here. Canadians consider them the best in the world!
  • Whiskey. Soft, with a hint of spices, citrus fruits and whiskey bread. Crown Royal is considered the best in the country.
  • Wine and cider. The best drinks in the country are considered to be drinks from the Okanagan region. We recommend bringing home a bottle of both Okanagan cider and wine.

Canada is a paradise for lovers of organic cosmetics. It is easy to find anti-aging creams and serums in stores. Hair care products are also good in Canada. Of the brands, we advise you to pay attention to Oxygen Botanicals, Neostrata, Framar and Meillume.

What is forbidden to export from the country:

  • weapons;
  • silver coins worth more than 5 Canadian dollars;
  • narcotics.

When exporting an amount of 10,000 Canadian dollars, it must be declared. Please note that both an individual traveler and a family have the right to transport up to 10 thousand dollars without declaring.

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