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Tourism in England — Best-selling goods - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in England — Best-selling goods

England Best-selling goods

The United Kingdom makes TOP-10 on the popular tourist destinations list. In 2018, over 30 million people visited Great Britain. London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, York, and Canterbury are popular destinations for tourists. According to Lonely Planet England ranks second in the list of the best countries for tourists.

Best Ideas of souvenirs to bring from England:

  • Photos made by the street artist Banksy are available at the Unofficial Banksy Store. It also sells T-shirts and mugs with Banksy’s creations;
  • A souvenir box of British tea, made in the shape of a booth or castle — the price of the presents varies from 5 to 20 pounds;
  • English books — book stores in England create a fantastic world. British people love to read, and publications provide books on a variety of topics;
  • cosmetics and perfumes: Burberry, Jo Malone — you can buy perfume from the royal palace in Penhaligon;
  • Royal fashion jewelry, gift albums are sold in the Royal Collection Shop. Here you can find items timed to historical events. The assortment is approved by the Queen of England;
  • issue-related gifts — scarves, T-shirts, socks. Tweed hats, tobacco pipes, books sold in the museum gift store on Baker Street;
  • a souvenir purse, a business cardholder. There is a store at the Victoria and Albert Museum that sells scarves, umbrellas, and jewelry dedicated to popular paintings.

Food and Alcohol

There are specialties, spices in England that have no competitors around the world. Therefore, it is these foodstuffs that fascinate tourists:

  • Marmite is an exclusive paste that cannot be found anywhere else but in Great Britain. The product is made from yeast, contains a lot of B vitamins, and is good for the blood, digestion, and skin. Previously Marmite was part of the soldiers’ diet;
  • Crumpets are pancakes with a branded British flavor. It originally comes from Wales, and they look like round rolls. The English people like to warm them up slightly;
  • Worcestershire sauce is a liquid dressing of vinegar, sugar, and fish extract. It is very popular with the British. It is used for meat dishes or as an auxiliary component of salad dressings. Worcestershire sauce is used in cocktails;
  • Shortbread, a Scottish cookie, is a frequent cheer at the holidays, especially at Christmas;
  • Pimm’s is an English gin-based drink. It is not a liqueur or tincture. James Pimm, son of a Kent farmer, is the creator of Pimm’s, invented the drink in the 19th century. The drink was served with fish dishes, but soon it became popular throughout England. 

The restrictions on exports from Great Britain:

  • cigarettes up to 200 pcs., cigars — up to 50 pcs., tobacco — up to 250 g;
  • alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength of 22% or more — up to 1 liter, if the strength is less — up to 2 liters;
  • Perfumes — up to 50 ml, eau de toilette — up to 250 ml;
  • currency — up to 10 thousand in euro equivalent. But it is allowed to keep money in an electronic account;
  • You cannot import/export drugs or weapons. Knives are also subject to restrictions — no butterfly knives can be imported/exported;
  • books with racist material are banned for import and export;
  • historical monuments may not be taken out;
  • export of animals only by special permits, certificates.

Strict customs rules of Great Britain must be complied with. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Deportation with a travel ban or transit to the EU ban is possible. The regulations are less strict for citizens of the European Union. 

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