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Tourism in Germany - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Germany

Germany Best-selling goods

What to bring from a trip to Germany? This question troubles many tourists. A magnet with the Berlin Wall, beer mugs, Ritter Sport chocolates – all this is humdrum. We always want to bring friends and relatives something unusual. Fortunately, Germany is rich in exciting souvenirs!

Traditional gifts:

  • Board games. The Germans love tabletops, so there are a lot of them here. Most of them do not require the German language knowledge.
  • Cutlery. In Germany, they know exactly what a quality knife should be. Therefore, we recommend bringing a couple with you to your homeland. Focus on the products of the WÜSTHOF, Friedr, Burgvogel, Güde and Dick brands.
  • Leather goods. Wallets, belts, gloves, business card holders and purses are great gift options for both men and women. German leather goods will serve for years!
  • House-shaped thermometers. This cute souvenir will perfectly complement the interior of the house. In shape, they are similar to traditional German houses, so they will always remind you of the journey.
  • Porcelain tableware. Meissen porcelain is one of the most famous in the world. Beautiful plates, cups or saucers will delight any hostess. We also advise you to focus on the porcelain brands such as: Nymphenburg, Fürstenberg and Rosenthal.

Edible souvenirs:

  • Mustard. In Germany, mustard is spicy and has a sweetish aftertaste. As presents, it is worth bringing home Bavarian, Lion and Royal. By the way, Royal is still made only by hand.
  • Ice wine. This unique wine is made from frozen grapes on the vine. The technology of creation is known only in Germany. The wine is light and pleasant.
  • Beer. It is impossible to leave Germany without beer! We recommend the products of Paulaner brands (the brewery has been producing the drink for about 350 years), Hacker-Pschorr (produces more than 15 varieties), Hofbrau (brews more than 25 types of dark and light beer), Ayinger (produces new varieties annually).
  • “Beer” marzipan. “Köstritzer Schwarzbier Marzipan Pralinen” produces beer-flavoured marzipan. This gift will be appreciated by every adult!
  • Sausages. There are about 60 different types of sausages in Germany. Look out for Bratwurst, Frankfurt sausages and the spicy White sausage.
  • Jagermeister. A liqueur that can only be found in Germany. It is made from a combination of over 56 herbs and citrus fruits. Finding a drink is easy at any grocery store.
  • Stollen. If you are in Germany for Christmas, don’t leave without a flavory stollen. This is a traditional German Christmas cake. It is tough and contains many candied fruits, raisins and almonds.

Germany is famous for its natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics. Pay attention to the products of the Bremani, Annemarie Borlind, Weleda and Dr. Haushka brands.

Germany export embargo :

  • cultural heritage items;
  • gasoline (more than 10 liters);
  • weapons;
  • alcohol (over three liters per person);
  • products made from protected animals;
  • cigarettes (more than one cigarette carton).
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