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Tourism in Holland - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Holland

Holland Best-selling goods

Cheese, herring and tulips are all about the Netherlands. What to bring from a trip to Holland as a keepsake for yourself and your loved ones?

Traditional souvenirs:

  • Ceramic houses. Such a souvenir will remind you of your trip to the Netherlands for a long time to come. In addition, traditional Dutch houses will be appreciated by those who collect such ceramic goods.
  • Traditional Dutch shoes. Wooden clogs are very easy to find in any souvenir shop. And if you don’t like wooden shoes, buy soft slippers in the form of Dutch shoes.
  • Hemp clothing. T-shirts, blouses and even hemp suits are very popular in the Netherlands. They are light, do not tear and do not transform.
  • Bicycle accessories. Headlights, spoke knick knackery, bells and trunk bags are easy to get in Holland. Such a small souvenir will definitely appeal to lovers of cycling.
  • Ixxi Panel. Design paintings that are assembled from squares. They fold up so they are easy to transport. Plus, they’re easy to hang on the wall.
  •  Plant bulbs. Not a single flower grower can leave the Netherlands without a tulip bulb. Before buying, be sure to find out about the availability of documents and do not forget to keep the receipt. Otherwise, you will have to leave the bulbs at the border.
  • Birthday calendars. Paper calendars are popular in the country for marking the birthdays of friends and relatives. This souvenir will be practical and useful for everyone.

Delicious gifts:

  • Philadelphia. This soft cheese will be a great gift for lovers of cream cheese and confectioners. Moreover, its price is more reasonable in the Netherlands .
  • Hard cheeses. To visit Holland and leave without Maasdam cheese or Gouda is a real crime. You can find it both in specialized shops and in supermarkets.
  • Genevre. This is a juniper liqueur, which is usually added to alcoholic cocktails. The drink comes in three varieties – young, old and Korenwine.
  • Anchovies. The Dutch love fish very much, so don’t leave without a jar of anchovies. They may be here both with capers and just in olive oil.
  • Saffron. This gift will be appreciated by gourmets. Aromatic spice will be a great addition to real paella and other dishes.


  • Stroopwafels Waffles. These are thin waffles with caramel. This crunchy delicacy is loved by all Europeans.
  • Cookie and chocolate figurines. Houses, windmills and other sweet figurines may become a great gift for adults and children.
  • Chocolate and fruit sprinkling. The Dutch like to overstrew butter sandwiches with this sprinkle. Children will definitely like it, and adults will not refuse such a delicacy.

Of course, in Holland you can buy a variety of 18+ goods . You may get them in the Red-light district.

the Netherlands export embargo:

  • goods made from protected of animals and plants species;
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • artistic and historical value goods;
  • weapons, explosives and ammunition;
  • plant bulbs, if they have not passed phytopathological control.
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