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Tourism in Poland - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Poland

Poland Best-selling goods

When you come back home from Poland you always bring your friends Zubrowka and magnets with images of cultural monuments. But apart from Zubrowka, you can bring back a lot of other interesting, but also useful things to remember about your vacation!

Handmade goods:

  • Gural slippers. Everyone will be happy to get the new home shoes. Moreover, Gural slippers are made of sheep’s wool and are perfect for winter. They are decorated with traditional Polish embroidery.
  • Wawel Dragon. A soft toy in the form of a mythical Polish character is a perfect present for a kid!
  • Articles made of salt. As a souvenir, you can bring a salt lamp made of Wieliczka salt. It is beautiful and useful!
  • Amber jewelry. In Poland, you can find earrings, beads, rings, and a lot of other amber goods. Ornaments from the gallery and workshops of old Gdańsk are especially popular among tourists.
  • Christmas tree toys. Komozja still makes Christmas tree toys by hand. Moreover, the factory produces unique collector’s items. There are even toys decorated with precious stones.

Edible gifts:

  • Honey. We recommend heather or rapeseed honey as a gift from Poland. This unusual delicacy will be great to eat with tea.
  • Sausages. Lisiecki sausages are made from ham with garlic and pepper. If you love the exotic, juniper sausage with ground juniper berries added to it will be perfect for you. Metka, a  cold-smoked sausage would be also a great souvenir would. 
  • Goldwasser. This is a liqueur that contains about twenty medicinal herbs. The uniqueness of the drink is that there are small particles of gold floating in it.
  • Torun Gingerbread. This dessert is distinguished by its spiciness. Not only cinnamon but also nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and cardamom are added to it. They are made in various shapes and are topped with pictures of Polish symbols, landmarks, or cultural figures.
  • Liqueurs. The most original is the lime liqueur, but we also recommend trying the fruit liqueurs such as Soplica, Barmanska, and Lubelska.

Decorative and care cosmetics:

  • Baltic Collagen products. This company specializes in products for facial skin. The basis of cosmetics is fish collagen, which makes the skin elastic.
  • Kobo professional eye-shadow palettes. This is another inexpensive but decent-quality gift for girls. Shadow palettes from Kobo professional do not differ from professional cosmetics.
  • Put&Rub Cosmetics. The products of this brand are considered a more affordable analog of “Lush”. The range includes products for body care, face care, hair care, and even products for children!
  • Powders for eyebrows from Wibo. This product is very popular among tourists. Inexpensive yet water-resistant brow powders would not disgrace in quality to the luxury segment.

There are no serious restrictions on the export of products in Poland. The country allows exporting even antiques if it has a certificate. A certificate will also be required for the export of plants. 

It is strictly forbidden to take out of the country:

  • products of historical, archaeological, or national value;
  • weapons;
  • narcotic substances. 
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