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Tourism in Romania - «ByTheWay»

Tourism in Romania

Romania Best-selling goods

What sort of thing to bring from vacation as a gift to relatives? Admit it, you have asked this question more than once. So far as Romania is concerned, only souvenirs in the form of Dracula or with his image appear in my head. But in fact, this is not all the country is famous for!

Traditional Romanian souvenirs:

  • Porcelain plaiting. Products resemble porcelain lace. Plates, vases, baskets and other utensils are made using a unique technique.
  • Gale Vases. Traditional methods of working with glass are still preserved in this country. Therefore, Gale vases are a unique Romanian souvenir. As a rule, they are colorful and have an intricate shape.
  • Osier goods. In souvenir shops, you can easily find inexpensive but very pretty open-work coasters, plates, baskets, vases and even nightlights. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to carry fragile porcelain.
  •  Icons. In Romania, there is a unique technology of painting icons. The drawing is applied to the glass in a mirrorlike manner, after which it is inserted into the frame with the side the paint was applied to.
  • Carved wood dolls. Dolls are handmade. They are carved from wood, painted, and then dressed in a traditional Romanian costume.

Edible souvenirs:

  • Cheese in pine or spruce fir bark. Burduf is traditional Romanian cheese made from ewe’s milk. It is aged in pine or spruce fir bark, so it has a slight aroma of needles.
  • Cozonac. In Romania, this dessert is eaten at Easter, but tourists liked it so much that it is sold in stores all year round. It tastes like Italian Panetone.
  • Tea. Tea lovers should look into a specialized shop. The thing is that Romanians do not like ordinary tea, they drink exclusively herbal or fruit infusion.
  • Jams. It is in Romania that Viscri, the most expensive jam in the world, is sold. It is worth more than 300 euros. All jams in the country are prepared only from natural ingredients.
  • Tsuika. Plum tincture. The stronghold of the drink is 55-60 proof. This fruity vodka is easy to drink.
  • Wine. Romania is famous for inexpensive, but very high quality wines. We advise you to pay attention to Zhidvey or Murtfatlar. Gourmets are recommended to choose Prahova Valley, Vinul Cavalerului or Terra Romana.

Cosmetics and bath goods:

  • Farmec Cosmetics company. It is one of the largest Romanian brands. It produces both high-quality body, face and hair care, as well as good rouge.
  • Massage and essential oils. In Romania, it is easy to find natural essential oils at quite reasonable prices. You can also buy aromatous flower water as a souvenir.
  • Ana Aslan Cosmetics. The products of this brand are known as the “elixir of youth”. This makeup was used by Jacqueline Kennedy, Salvador Dali and even Marlene Dietrich.

Almost any goods are allowed to be exported from Romania. The main condition is the presence of a receipt for purchases. For household appliances, jewelry and artworks, a declaration must be made. It is forbidden to export from the country without special permission:

  • historical values;
  • weapons and supplies.
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