Ukraine Best-selling goods

The first association with Ukraine is salo and horilka. But this is not all the country is rich in! Here you may easily find an interesting, original, and most importantly, useful gift!

Souvenirs in national style:

  • Motanka dolls. This is a toy that is exclusively handmade. They are made in a unique winding technology, so there is not a single stitch on the doll. Dolls do not have faces. These are amulets for children and adults.
  • Osier goods. In Ukraine, you can easily find kitchen utensils made of osier: baskets, fruit vases, bottles for wine storage. Rocking chairs may call out to people traveling by their own transport. 
  • Smoking lyulʹkas (pipes). The smoking pipe has long become a Ukrainian symbol. These goods are made from tree roots – cherries, pears, tree-like heather, walnut, etc. You can find them in souvenir or tobacco shops. Pipes are often decorated with paintings.
  • Clay dishes. Plates, jugs – all this is not only beautiful, but also practical. Clay pots are especially popular. The dishes baked in them have a unique taste. Aesthetes can find unique pottery in design studios.
  • Namisto (necklace). It is impossible to visit Ukraine and leave without traditional necklace. In souvenir shops you can find such beauty made of beads or natural semi-precious stones. In addition, traditionally, such necklace protects its keeper from diseases.
  • Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt). Both friends from neighboring countries and Europeans will be happy with this gift. In Ukraine, you can easily find both a traditional vyshyvanka and a modern blouse or dress embroidered with Ukrainian ornaments. Vyshyvankas are sold both in souvenir shops and in designer shops.
  • Petrikov painting goods. This painting technique is unique, so you can find a souvenir with Petrykivka patterns only in Ukraine. Caskets, mugs, spoons, plates and other items are painted in this technique.

Delicious gifts:

  • Chocolate. Chocolate figurines from “Lviv chocolate manufactory” – just a must have. It also sells handmade proprietary sweets.
  • Liqueur (nalyvka). Vishnevka (cherry liqueur), hrenovuha (horseradish liqueur), malinovka (raspberry liqueur), medovuha ( honey liqueur) or plum liqueur with horseradish – all this is a great alternative to Ukrainian vodka with pepper. Traditional Ukrainian liqueurs are sold both in the market and in souvenir shops.
  • Honey. There are a lot of beegardens in Ukraine, so here you can find different types of honey. There is Carpathian, collected in the mountains, buckwheat and white honey.
  • Kyiv cake. This dessert has long been the visiting card of the capital. Crispy peanut crust and delicate butter cream make tourists buy this cake again and again.

In Ukraine, there are a large number of brands producing natural cosmetics. Here you can find splendid care for the body, face and hair. We advise you to pay attention to the “Biocon”, “Yak”, “EcoVego” and “ZernoBio” manufacturers.

Ukraine export embargo:

  • fine arts;
  • cultural, scientific or art values;
  • weapons;
  • narcotics.
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